Full Papers

[7] System-level Permission Management Mechanism of Android Device 
Zhu Dali, Fan Zheming, Pang Na

[13] Modeling and Analysis of Network Survivability Under Attack Propagation 
SU YAO, Jian-feng Guan, Hongke Zhang, HUA PAN, Fei Song

[16] A New Sybil-Resist Algorithm Based on the Existing Work SybilDefender in Social Networks 
Wei Ma, Senzhe Hu, Qiong Dai, Tingting Wang, Yinfei Huang

[17] Analysis on the Reliability of Non-repairable and Repairable Network Storage Systems 
Yin Mingyong, Chun Wu, Tao YiZheng

[19] Popularity Prediction of Tianya BBS Posts Based on User Behavior 
Li Ge, Hu Yue, Yu Yanyu

[21] Modeling the Effect of Infection Time on Active Worm Propagations 
Hui Liu, Xiaolong Ma, Bo Ding, Tianzuo Wang, Qiang Lu

[22] Location Privacy Preserving for Semantic-aware Applications 
Lefeng Zhang, Ping Xiong, Tianqing Zhu

[26] Design and Implementation of Network User Behaviors Analysis based on Hadoop for Big Data 
Jian-feng Guan, SU YAO, Changqiao Xu, Hongke Zhang

[27] An approach to Detect The Internet Water Army via Dirichlet Process Mixture Model based GSP Algorithm 
Li Dan, Li Qian, Hu Yue, Wenjia Niu, Tan Jianlong, Guo Li

[39] A Scalable Approach for Vulnerability Discovery based on Security Patches 
Hongzhe Li, Hyuckmin Kwon, Jonghoon Kwon, Heejo Lee

[40] Homomorphic Cryptography-based Privacy-Preserving Network Communications 
Christophe Bidan, Antoine Guellier, Nicolas Prigent

[43] PAITS: Detecting Masquerader via Short-lived Interventional Mouse Dynamics 
Xiaojun Chen, Jinqiao Shi, Rui Xu, S.M. Yiu, Bingxing Fang, Fei Xu

[49] Social Engineering through Social Media: A Comprehensive Investigation on Enterprise Security 
Rafiqul Islam, Maumita Bhattacharya

[50] The 0-1 knapsack polytope -a starting point for cryptanalysis of knapsack ciphers? 
Vicky Mak-Hau, Lynn Batten

[53] Enhancing Security of the Android Platform via Multi-Level Security Model 
Ji-Soo Oh, Min-Woo Park, Tai-Myoung Chung

[54] Testing Similarity Digests with Random Changes 
Jonathan Oliver, Scott Forman, Chun Cheng

Short Papers

[3] A Competitive Three-Level Pruning Technique for Information Security 
Morshed Chowdhury, Jemal Abawajy, Andrei Kelarev, Kouichi Sakurai

[5] Forensic Identification of Students Outsourcing Assignment Projects from Freelancer.com 
Michael Monnik, Lei Pan

[11] Research of Password Recovery Method For RAR Based on Parallel Random search 
Liang Ge, Lianhai Wang

[15] The Research of Extraction Algorithm for Target Feature of Chest Bitmap 
Liu Tianshi, Liu RuiXiang, Wang Hongwei

[32] A survey on encrypted traffic classification 
Zigang Cao, Gang Xiong, Yong Zhao, Qingyun Liu, Guo Li

[45] A Novel Method for Detecting Double Compressed Facebook JPEG Images 
Allan NG, Lei Pan, Yang Xiang

[46] A Method for Detecting Trojan Based on Hidden Network Traffic Analysis 
YiZheng Tao, Zhiwen Chen, Gongliang Li

[51] Efficient key pre-distribution for wireless sensor networks: a case study on 6LoWPAN networks running Contiki-OS 
Ruben Smeets, Kris Aerts, Dave Singelee, Nele Mentens