Camera-Ready Copy Preparation

Please carefully consider and address the reviewers' comments when you prepare the camera-ready version of your paper. The camera ready copy of your paper must conform to the Springer's conference paper templates, which can be find in the author’s instruction page here:
  • For all FULL PAPERS, your paper is expected to be within 12 pages, including all text, figures, references and appendices. 
  • For all SHORT PAPERS, your paper is expected to be within 8 pages, including all text, figures, references and appendices.
Your final camera-ready paper is due on **18/09/2014**. Late submission will not be considered for the inclusion into the proceedings.

CCIS Consent to Publish form Preparation

Every accepted paper needs to be accompanied with the signed Springer CCIS Consent to Publish form before it can be included into the CCIS proceedings. The form is downloaded from here. Or you can fill directly from the file available at

One representative author of your each paper needs to sign and scan the form and include it into your camera ready submission. Note that Springer will not accept digital signatures, so please make sure that your form has been signed in ink and well scanned. In the form, you may consider the inclusion of the following information to address the relevant items:

  • Title of the book or conference name: ATIS 2014
  • Volume editor(s): Lynn Batten, Gang Li, Wenjia Niu, Matthew Warren
Camera Ready Submission to MS-CMT

To submit the final version of your paper, please follow below procedures:

  1. Create a folder named ATIS2014PXX where XX is your paper ID, and include the following files:
    • the LaTeX or Word source files of your paper, including figures
    • the PDF file of your paper
    • authors.txt, which should contain: Full names of all authors (surnames clearly marked by block letters) and their email addresses. The corresponding author's name, postal mailing address and contact email address.
    • scanned signed Springer CCIS Consent to Publish form

  2. Zip the folder into file and upload it using the corresponding link on the CMT site by using your submission account: 

  3. To upload Camera Ready Submission on the MS CMT site, the following instructions are suggested:
    • Use the Author Console for these functions.
    • Log in to Author Console
    • Click on edit camera ready paper link from the Author console under column “Camera-Ready | Presentations” to enter Camera Ready Submission Wizard
    • Enter camera ready paper title and abstract
    • Enter camera ready paper authors
    • Upload file
    • Confirm the camera ready submission details
    • Click Finish to submit the camera ready paper submission
    • View/Print submission summary

If you have any question about camera-ready copy preparation and submission, please contact .

Shaowu Liu,
Sep 14, 2014, 11:33 PM